Activist Jibran Nasir Shared A Disturbing Video Of Pakistan Army Shooting A Civilian And People Are Asking Questions

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Activist Jibran Nasir Shared A Disturbing Video Of Pakistan Army Shooting A Civilian And People Are Asking Questions

Trigger warning: disturbing content

Recently, there has been a lot of debate on Pakistan Army and the Police forces acting out on innocent civilians. There have been alarming cases of missing persons cases being filed in Quetta, the families seeking justice took to the streets in a silent protest. Recently, the Sahiwal shooting shook the nation while bringing the conversation to the forefront. This new video surfacing online is yet another example.

Activist Jibran Nasir shared a disturbing video over Twitter showing military men in a deserted place, surrounding an unarmed man.

The man was seen in a fetal position and defenseless who seemingly did not pose a threat. At one point, he is seen sitting down on his knees and then all of a sudden falls on his right side.


One of the military personnel commands “burst maar” and not just one but shots faster than light start gunning the man lying on the ground.

Via @mjibrannasir / Twitter

It’s a video fairly hard to stomach.


Jibran who fears no one, posted the video tagging and questioning the official DGISPR account on Twitter.

In another thread, Jibran fired some more questions at the authorities asking if the soldiers were really under any threat whatsoever?

He even caught the soldiers opening the safety on their guns after they were done shooting down the unarmed man and asked why did they do so?

Jibran very clearly mentioned in his tweet that as a citizen of the country, he needs an explanation over the brutal act.


Seeing the brutal nature of the crime, Pakistanis flooded in with their opinions on the event, asking about accountability and quite frankly, answers.

Many were quick to note how the man was unarmed and defenseless. 

One person noted how unethical and inhumane it was to shoot an unarmed man.

This man, however, thought there are always two sides of the story.

Another person pointed out how this could happen to anyone, anywhere.

People also compared the brutality to the APS attack.

It is definitely harrowing to see such a footage. Regardless of the crimes, is it okay to not allow a fair trail to take place? Isn’t the point of our police and armed forces to protect us instead of putting civilians in harms way? Such vigilante justice is unacceptable. Be it committed by a gazetted officer or an ordinary civilian.

What do you guys  think of the whole situation? Let us know in the comments below.




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