Lamberghini’ Is The Official Shaadi Song Of The Year And Here’s How You Can Add It To Your Mehndi Dances

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Lamberghini’ Is The Official Shaadi Song Of The Year And Here’s How You Can Add It To Your Mehndi Dances


Okay so this ‘model towwnnnnnnn” song, actually called ‘Lamberghini,’ has been the tune on everyone’s tongue this Shaadi season.

It has also been the beat that EVERYONE has been dancing to at every Mehndi in the country.

Oh yeah, Lamberghini is officially the song of the season.

What’s funny is that when this song started picking up volume at weddings in Pakistan, no one really knew what it was called. Other than the one or two people in your group who actually cared enough to google the song, it was pretty much known as ‘the Model Town song.’

And thanks to these lyrics, a lot of people thought the actual song was based on the ‘Model Town’ in Lahore and though we can still pretend that’s true, the song was actually created in India.

The artists behind the viral song, the DoorBeen and Ragini, are all from India. The Doorbeen is a music duo from New Delhi and the Model Town that they were referring to in the song, is presumably based on the one in North West Delhi, not so much Pakistan. But as I said, we can pretend otherwise.

Oh and friends, the video for this song came out on February 26th 2018. BASICALLY A YEAR AGO and we didn’t even know it.


How did we NOT HEAR IT?

But anyway, we thought, since so many people are obsessed with this song and Shaadi season isn’t even close to ending, we’d get some choreographed dances together for you all.

So, for everyone from the bride to the girls in the lengha choli’s, here are some of the best dances you can copy on the song ‘Lamberghini.’

For beginners ~

Okay this dance isn’t incredibly difficult to pick up on. And where it is? Just make something else up! Otherwise everything from the hand movements to the footwork, this is a nice and cool breezy routine that you’re gonna want to copy ASAP.

For the ladies who want to TEAR UP THE DANCE FLOOR.

Okay for you ladies out there who really want to hit the dance floor with a bang, this is the dance for you. Now, it may not be for everyone, but for all of you who are willing to get dooOooOoown, this choreography will kill it.

For the Bride and Groomy <3

A simple yet adorable dance for the happy couple, this choreography is the perfect fit. Not too movement but plenty of impact on the audience. Also honestly, you can dance to  ‘happy birthday’ – if you’re the bride and groom, everyone is going to be rooting for you anyway.

Okay now, THIS dance is perfect for all the ladies out there who are going to be rockin’ lengha choli’s.

Choreographers don’t get that some of us will be wearing heavy lengha’s, a choli that shouldn’t really be moving around and oopar sai a dupatta tied at the waist. This dance isn’t too heavy on the leg movement so just animate your arms a little and this will be a showstopper for sure.

And there ya have it folks, some of the best performances for you for this Shaadi season.

Haven’t heard the song? Unlikely, but here it is anyway:

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Speed Records Via YouTube/Shaadi Saga



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