Nawaz Sharif And Maryam Nawaz Have Been Arrested And Pakistanis Are Officially Losing Their Shit

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Nawaz Sharif And Maryam Nawaz Have Been Arrested And Pakistanis Are Officially Losing Their Shit
Okay, guys – here’s the deal. We know that recently, the Avenfield corruption case against the Sharif family filed by the National Accountability Bureau reached a monumental decision, declaring the family to be guilty. With sentences to their name, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have caused quite a stir on social media.

They were supposed to land today, and even that didn’t go smoothly. Their flight was delayed.


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Well, ever since then, people have been sharing updates left, right and center.

People have been waiting expectantly.

They’ve even been tracking his flight…

Emotions are running high on all sides.

Perhaps a bit much?

However, people are also speaking up in support.

Of course, some people are making jokes.

Given the state of things, people are definitely worried about what’s going to go down. With the situation in Lahore as it currently is, plus the lack of signals, people don’t know what to think. Prayers seem to be the only option.

Even Jeremy McLellan is praying for Pakistan.

As per reports that have just come in, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have been arrested. 

As news of this has been breaking all over, Pakistanis have been responding as well.

People are also annoyed at Maryam Nawaz.

And they’re wondering where Shehbaz Sharif is…since he’s nowhere to be seen.

While we all wait with bated breath over how things will proceed here on out, today is an important day in Pakistan’s history. Regardless of the side you’re on, this day won’t be forgotten. Let’s just hope and pray for the best. Let us know what your thoughts are.
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