Prime Minister Imran Khan And Crown Prince’s Time Together In Pakistan Is Ultimate Bromance Goals LOL

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Prime Minister Imran Khan And Crown Prince’s Time Together In Pakistan Is Ultimate Bromance Goals LOL

I mean, it’s cute.

If you hadn’t heard, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, just came to meet with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Source: @MohamedBinZayed Via Twitter

The Prince arrived in Islamabad after nearly 12 years on Sunday morning for talks on co-operation between the two countries which was later revealed to be $6.2 billion dollars in economic aid, according to Dawn (lol @ economy & Arab money).

Many Pakistanis were happy with the meeting, hoping for positive changes in the near future.

That was all great and stuff…

but really, no one could deny the true display of bromantic love between the Prince and Mr. Immy Khan.

First of all, bro man picked up his Royal bro man, the Crown Prince from his plane. And yeah it might be protocol and the official way to receive such a guest but you can just tell that Imran was super excited to see him.

Super excited.


Just look at that grin.



And friends, the love was so strong, that it made the two officials lose TOTAL CONTROL. Oh yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

What media outlets are calling a ‘historical’ event, Imran hopped into the front seat of his car and drove the Prince himself.

This drove Pakistanis pretty wild (see what I did there?), as it was completely out of the blue and lmao, by the looks of the running bodyguards, it didn’t seem planned.


Apart from the car love, an image of the two sporting ‘friendship bracelets’ was just the cherry on top of their bromance.

They weren’t actual friendship bracelet, the two heads were just confirming their support for the Special Olympics of World Games to take place in Abu Dhabi in March 2019  but still, the accessories looked like them.

Of course, many have different views on the Crown Prince’s visit to Pakistan and didn’t really know what to think about the relationship between the two heads.

I mean technically they could be right, the whole trip could have been total bullshit, just some drama to win over what turned out to be a TON of money.

But mostly, most Pakistanis were pretty much just impressed with the way Imran Khan behaved throughout the visit.

People all over Pakistan have been reacting positively in regards to the interaction between the two and hopefully, it will show the same positive results in the future. But what will Pakistan give up in return for this Arab money? How much of ourselves did we sell this time? Eh, whatever, it’s not like most of us care because lol $6.2 BILLION.

To many though, the only thing that really mattered was the fact that Imran drove a car.


Either way, even though the visit was short and sweet, it sure did give us a fair amount of entertainment. Keep it up Immy!

Also now that we’re on the subject, we’ll just quickly drop this in.

What did you think of the Crown Prince’s visit? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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