This Guy Allegedly Harassed A Girl In Islamabad And Pakistanis Are Absolutely Furious

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This Guy Allegedly Harassed A Girl In Islamabad And Pakistanis Are Absolutely Furious

Recently, an incident was brought to light where a girl faced harassment in Islamabad outside a shopping center. She was walking towards her car when this guy along, with a friend, started singing cheap songs at her while staring her down and making her feel uncomfortable.

Her friends took to social media to share the matter, attaching a video of the alleged harasser.

Details of where he worked started being shared, too, in order to identify him.

When she took out her phone to record what he was doing, he got awkward, started his bike and fled while yelling “Larki number maang rahi hai.”

She even threatened him that she will shame him online but he had the audacity to deny everything he did and refused to apologize.

She tracked down where this harasser works and requested everyone on Twitter to complain against him.

It was revealed that he works at AAA Real Estate, Bahria Town, Phase 7, Rawalpindi.

The girl then attached his workplace contact details to teach the prick a lesson, tagging the Real Estate’s official twitter account as well. She has now planned to go to his workplace to give him a piece of her mind.

As this incident was shared, people on Twitter were furious over how the guy acted, but were all praises for the girl.

Some people could not stop appreciating her bravery.

There was a huge round of applause for the fearless girl.

Someone called the guy a “maha begairat.”

Someone appreciated the way the guy was humiliated and how his video was making rounds on the internet.

Someone thought naming and shaming was the right way of dealing with such people.

Women are always told to sweep such incidents under the carpet while the reality is that harassment is never the victim’s fault. What do you guys have to say about this absurd incident? Let us know in the comments below.


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